Thursday, October 4, 2012

Triple Crown- Everest Training now underway!

October 3, 2013 - Members arriving one by one ...
 It's raining and with a good lightening show tonight. Members arriving early have been busy shopping for gear and get to know each other. The remaining team members are arriving tomorrow and that will be all of us.  Very tired, jet lag is doing it's thing- over and out.. Tim

October 4, 2013- Tim checks in:  21:00hrs (NPT) - Awesome bunch of people!!!

It's been a nice mellow day today meeting and greeting everyone. Almost everyone arrived except for five Island Peak members (good friends/ clients for about 20 years) from Oregon,  they will be checking in in about two hours from now, looking very forward to reconnecting with them.  A good part of the day was spent gearing everyone up from the great selection of equipment available in Kathmandu today and gifts were handed on from last springs trekkers to new friends they've made here -  they all pass on their big Namastes and thank yous to all of you at home. 

The weather has been nasty in the mountains and we've had some great lightening displays at night. The monsoon is giving us its last shot before the winter air pushes in lifts the precipitation out of the region. 

Speaking of lingering monsoon we've made the decision based on observations the past couple of autumn climbing seasons on changing weather patterns, we decided to push back our autumn expeditions trekking and climbing by one week. Instead of starting October 4th the new schedule next year will be a start date in Kathmandu of October 11,  for those interested in next season please check your vacation time and make note of this date. There's no point fighting delayed planes and the change will also help in offering a quieter trail and the hills to ourselves.

Everything is working smoothly so far with one exception. Rob Morill from the US  "Triple Crown member" had a bag issue due to someone who collecting his bag as hers upon arrival in Kathmandu late last night. Thankfully the woman emailed his sister in the US who in turn got in touch with us and Rob's bag was retrieved from her hotel and given to him.... squeaker! 

Tomorrow some members are off on a guided city tour of Kathmandu we've organized for them, this always proves to be a good bonding adventure. Until tomorrow, over and out.... Tim        PS: Team photos tomorrow... hang tight!

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