Sunday, October 14, 2012

Peak Freaks Island Peak- A day working on the glacier!

October 14, 2012' - Island Peak glacier skills day... good fun... everyone worked hard...

Yes we are tired tonight, dinner and a good nights sleep is in order. Our Island Peak team should be back at base camp tomorrow. We look forward to catching up on their news and enjoy a day of rest together and do some more work here on the routes then set out for our high camp on the 17th then our joint "Stomp to the Top" on the early morning of the 18th.

The weather has been holding nicely but the autumn chill is definitely setting in. Sure is nice having the heater to huddle around in the evenings.

Our evenings are spent playing cards and review of skills sessions and having long talks about Everest, the lure and what it's all about up there, what to expect and how to prepare oneself for success and survival on a major high altitude expedition. 

We eat good up here, Ang Karsung is keeping the calories coming and lots of hot drinks and some fresh baking on those comfort food days. We have the same setup as what we use on Everest minus some of the solar equipment for electronics as we are a mobile expedition this time around climbing three different peaks. Rather than hanging at one base and slogging up and down the same route, we are instead making the most of a Himalayan experience getting around and seeing and climbing multiple peaks
Well that's it for tonight.... over and out... Tim

Everest Training Climb - Triple Crown 2013'

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